Kicking off #Ecovoyagers in the heart of #Cilento (#Italy)!
Ecovoyagers is the new project funded by #Erasmusplus #Adult kay #indiresocial. It has the goal to use the paths as tools to develope new slow tourism strategy in the area involved in the projects (Cilento, Italy and Costa del Sol rural area, Spain)
For the first meeting, we united our project team and stakeholders for a pivotal 2-day event aimed at crafting a roadmap for success during the project’s kick-off 🌟
📅 Day 1 Highlights:
We arranged a roundtable with esteemed local stakeholders—including @comunedisapri , Mayor @antgentile_ , @golfotrek , @proloco_palinuro , @bnbspigolatrice , @mimmo.pandolfo , and @GetRofrano President. Special thanks all of them and in particular to @GalCasastra for their crucial role!! And though @PasqualeSorrentino and Gazania organization couldn’t join, their spirit was with us!

📅 Day 3 Sneak Peek:
it can not miss an inspiring hike along the Cammino di San Nilo where we connected with the community at San Nazzario Thanks to San Mauro La Bruca’s Pro Loco for the warm welcome! At the end we discussed future steps at CYU’s Rofrano office, the heart of our project.

Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this transformative journey toward sustainable. You will have more information about the project who forseeses to involve 50 people from Cilento area.